My Story

I’ve had eczema/atopic dermatitis all my life. I remember my mum taking me to see countless dermatologists when I was little, in the hope of finding someone who would be able to help me. They all prescribed the same thing – cortisone creams (steroids basically).

I still can’t fathom how easily they threw around prescriptions of these things, given how infective and harmful they are in the longer term, making the skin thinner and giving withdrawal symptoms.

As a kid, my eczema went away with these creams, but I always knew that they weren’t the solution. At the age of 11 I even decided to stop eating sweets with artificial colourings and E numbers in them. That improved my condition for a while, but as I grew older the eczema streaks became more stubborn, lasted longer, and I had to use more steroid creams on them.

Two years ago I moved to London for my Master’s, which ended up being a very stressful period of my life. I was in a long distance relationship and felt ripped between home and London. The separation was so hard for me to deal with that I would fly home twice a month for a week, but was then again ripped between my parents, my partner and my other commitments. I later found out that regular flying compromises the immune system; the constant travelling definitely wore me out.

I was also training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu every day, sometimes twice a day, rolling (jiujitsu word for training) on the mats where my skin was in constant contact with bacteria, other people’s sweat, and germs. A recipe for disaster when you have irritated and broken skin. I also had terrible insomnia, so my body was barely resting. When in London I was drinking tap water, like I would back home, except for in Switzerland tap water is as good as bottled, whereas in London it is harsh and chlorinated, which I believe wrecked my gut microbiome. In addition, London is very polluted, whereas I grew up in the fresh mountain air of the Swiss Alps (below is a picture taken from my balcony). I think that the combination of all these factors meant that it was too much for my body to deal with.

As a result my eczema flared up like never before. My face, neck, and arms, were covered in oozing patches and I couldn’t control the itch. Almost any food would be a trigger food. I became obsessed with figuring out what was causing it, and stressing over everything I ate only aggravated my case.

I saw 12 different doctors and dermatologists, was prescribed countless topical steroids and creams, and even took oral steroids because my face started swelling so bad. After ten days of taking the oral steroids, my eczema was gone. However, I feared that once I stop it might get worse, and my fears were confirmed. Overnight my whole body got covered in a rash, and I started having terrible steroid withdrawal symptoms. My legs, stomach, back, and shoulders were itching in addition to my face, neck and arms. That was when I told myself that it cannot get any worse and that I have to let my body heal naturally. Below is a picture of one of my worst states, it was then that I told myself it will only get better from now, and it did. The second is 6 months later.

I realized that no one was going to help me except for myself. So I decided to address my diet first and determine which foods I would cut out for good. This was super important for my peace of mind too, as it allowed me to stop stressing about everything I ate. I also made sure that I chose organic food whenever possible, and certainly no GMO. Of course all of the foods I ate were plant-based and included no animal products.

I also started taking PROBIOTICS to improve my gut health, as I would often get candida overgrowth, which eventually lead to a leaky gut. I am pretty sure that drinking city tap water damaged my gut microbiome too. Having read David Perlmutter’s Brain Maker, where the importance of probiotics and the dangers of gluten were highlighted, I got myself on a probiotics and gluten free protocol. Within a month I saw a dramatic improvements in my condition.

However, sometimes the itch persisted and patches would appear, especially after training when I had been sweating and my skin was irritated. So I looked further into how I could reduce inflammation and calm the itch, and stumbled across CBD oil. Having researched its many benefits, I started taking it. All I can say is that it was one of the best decision of my life. With it I was able to control the itch, it helped my skin repair and even the scars began to heal.

It has had a truly profound effect on all of my body, in ways that I didn’t even expect. My knee-joint pain went away, and recovery from training is better than ever. I am sleeping properly, am no longer anxious (having eczema really exacerbated that), no more itching, and my skin is glowing. I also had a few injuries due to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and these are also healed, and I generally feel stronger.

I also started using essential oils, mainly externally, and replaced all of my creams with my own oil blends. I mixed various base oils with essential oils and came up with rejuvenating and repairing blends that I hold dear to my heart. They range from calming blends that reduce itching, to skin smoothing with anti-wrinkle like properties. I will of course share these wonderful formulas with you.

I also experimented with herbs and spices, and came out with those that are most beneficial for the skin (but not only). My favourite go to’s are thyme and turmeric. I will talk all about them later on as well.

And last but not least, I started to mediate and visualize healing my body, and sending it love and compassion. I often got angry at it for doing this to me, forgetting that my body is me, and that we are in this together. This is why I often talk about self-love and positive thinking, and how to get in a healing mindset.

Now that I have managed to regain my life, attain a glowing complexion, and achieve breakthroughs in my athletic performance, I would like to help you do the same.

I will forever be grateful for my experience. It lead me to improve and pay close attention to aspects of my life that I may have never questioned had it not been for eczema. I am now healthier, stronger, and wiser!

I believe that each person has the power to heal themselves, they just have to unlock it.

Thank you for reading me!

With love,


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