Dear Readers,

My name is Maria Rybak, and I am originally from Switzerland.

I have a background in Psychology and Social Sciences (BSc), which I earned studying at the Lausanne University, situated on the lake Leman (Switzerland). If you ask me, it is probably the most incredible setting for a campus (picture below).


Whilst I was there I met the love of my life (I knew it in my heart that Uni would be the place for that), at boxing practice. He later converted me to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu; now we are both blue belts. He studied Environmental studies and was the one who opened my eyes to the dire implications that our food choices have on the environment.

Together we watched the Forks over Knives documentary, after which I went vegan overnight. By far the best decision of my life. I later watched the Cowspiracy documentary, which talks of the devastating effects of animal agriculture on our planet, and realized that I wanted to pursue studies in this domain. When I found the Food Policy MSc at City University London, it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

It allowed me to pursue my passion for food, and learn about the complexity of food production and consumption, its impacts on our environment, health, and society.

After I finished my degree, I moved back home where I worked as a Fundraiser for NGOs, and did an internship at the World Health Organization.

This August we moved to Sweden, where I am developing a social networking app for fitness and food. In January 2019 I will start my second Master’s degree, focusing on the psychology behind our food choices.

In addition to training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and being vegan, I’m a travel junkie, I love painting and I’m a fan of cold showers.

I hope you enjoy reading me!

With love,


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