Dear Readers,

I am excited to announce that my eBook is now ready for pre-order!

The eBook includes:

  • A comprehensive list of eczema healing foods, and the medicinal value of herbs, and how to take them for optimum recovery. 
  • A comprehensive list of foods to avoid at each stage of your journey, and the science behind it.
  • How to go about making lifestyle changes necessary for recovery, such as adopting a healthy sleep routine, stress management, and building confidence. 
  • What a solid healthy skin routine looks like, and how to incorporate it step by step. 
  • My holistic healing practices, including Essential Oils and Traditional Medicine. 
  • My take on the importance of a spiritual approach to healing, and its importance in my recovery. 
  • How to make YOUR healing a reality.

You are now able to pre-order and get the book at an early bird discount. 

Happy Healing Eczema Warriors!


Pre-Order My Eczema Recovery eBook at a 50% DISCOUNT (Normal price £19.99)


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