Hi there,

I’m super excited about sharing my ebook with you!

I’ve spent a lifetime battling eczema, and to have finally mastered living with and healing it, has set me on a mission to help others do the same.

This ebook contains my personal experience combined with scientific research. I back my guidelines by the works of others who have dedicated their careers to understanding how our body works, such as doctors and those recognized in their respective field.

This book provides you with the tools to help yourself while putting it in the context of my own journey, both physical, mental, and spiritual. I firmly believe that we are the sole holders of the keys to our healing.

Enclosed you will find 79 pages of guidelines based around food, lifestyle, skincare, supplements, and traditional medicine as well as mindset practices.

I help you navigate dietary choices, which foods to eat and which to avoid based on the stage of your healing journey and condition. Every statement I make is researched and personally tested, while providing you with options and flexibility to adapt it to your own preferences and liking.

I advise on lifestyle changes and improvements you can make to aid your body in healing itself, some of which you may already be aware of while others may surprise you. You’ll get an insight into my daily routine and tips to adopt for yourself, such as dry skin brushing and cold showers.

A big part of the book is dedicated to natural skin remedies such as CBD and essential oils. I give you a thorough introduction to CBD and my essential oil picks outlining their properties and uses, with a manual on how to best use them. I then briefly cover supplementation and the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Finally I move onto the importance of aligning with your true self and avoiding feeling trapped, which can be a major culprit in affecting your emotional wellbeing and inevitably spilling onto your condition.

At the end I encourage you to discover and create your own healing story, as yours will be unique and beautiful.

Know that I am there with you all along, reminding you that YOU GOT THIS!

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