Let food be thy medicine – Socrates

During the onset of my steroid withdrawal episode, where my whole body got covered in eczema, I knew that I had to find a natural way of healing. I realized that I had been looking for an external cure when in fact I was the cure. My body knows itself, I know myself, so why did I let others get in the way of my healing when they know nothing about me…?

I just had to listen to my body, observe, and hear.

So I decided to address diet first. And with diet, you are either feeding your eczema fire, or you are putting it down.

I determined which foods to cut out for good, and which foods to eat loads of in order to heal. All within the plant-based realm of course. This was really important for my peace of mind too, as constantly wondering if I would react to what I ate made me more anxious and stressed, causing more eczema.

Given that I’d been previously experimenting with food eliminations, and figuring out which foods triggered me, I came up with a solid list quite quickly. I had done a lot of research about food, and my area of study is all about it, so I had a pretty good knowledge base to start from. I knew that if I stick to my plan I would get better.

The foods that I avoid or no longer eat can be split into three categories.

  1. The foods that I cut out for good
  2. The foods that I almost never eat
  3. The foods that I eat in moderation

In addition, there are a few Golden Rules to ensure your success:

  • NONE of these food groups should be consumed during flare-ups.
  • Always eat LOW SALT and LOW OIL, and NONE during flare-ups.
  • Always eat WHOLE foods, and RAW as much as possible.
  • ALL food must be non-GMO.
  • ORGANIC is best.
  • GLUTEN and PROCESSED foods with additives and preservatives should NEVER be consumed.
  • You could eventually re-introduce NIGHTSHADES (one by one) once you have been completely eczema free for at least a couple of months, but not during the healing period.
  • LEGUMES and NUTS are healthy foods and should eventually be re-introduced into your diet in moderation, once you stop experiencing flare-ups. If they trigger you, then remove them completely until you are eczema free.
  • Everything is plant-based, so NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS! This is crucial!

Group 1

  • Gluten
  • Processed foods (all additives/preservatives)
  • Nightshades
    • tomatoes
    • eggplants/aubergines
    • peppers
    • white potatoes (sweet potatoes are recommended)

Group 2

  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Peanuts (I love them, but they don’t love me back)

Group 3

  • Legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc)
  • All nuts except peanuts (see above), seeds are ok
  • Chocolate (I love it, but it’s not a healthy relationship)
  • Coffee

When it comes to adopting a healing diet, the hardest thing to do is to wait for results. Oftentimes, we expect immediate results, and unfortunately eczema isn’t one of these things that you can heal fast. However, if a food is causing or aggravating your eczema then removing it from your diet could yield relatively fast results and relief, which is very stimulating and motivating.

For instance, when I eat too many nuts or legumes, my skin reacts and I will itch at night. Once I remove the food, the itch goes away after a couple of days, and my skin is back to normal. So for me, removing the offending foods allows my skin to recover fairly quickly. However, if this doesn’t happen with you, don’t loose hope and certainly do not worry as that will add more unnecessary stress. Each person is different, and recovery speed will depend on your body’s ability to flush out the toxins and molecules that are causing your overactive system.

Furthermore, it is essential to eat plenty of the right foods, full of vitamins and minerals, to aid your body to recover successfully. You can find ALL of the foods I eat, and their healing benefits in my eBook.

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