Skin Savers

My Skin savers are the additional elements that I recommend incorporating into your healing protocol, as I believe they have made a significant beneficial impact on my recovery, and have accelerated the process.

You do not have to include them, and can heal without them as long as you follow my guidance regarding the four pillars of lifestyle changes covered in the Kickstart Your Recovery part, which are Diet, Stress, Sleep and Sweat.

However, in my experience they have been of great help in terms of anti-inflammation, itch relief, and providing my skin with an extra boost, especially during flare-ups.

It is also important to bear in mind that the benefits of taking Turmeric, CBD, and various supplements, as well as using essential oils, extend beyond eczema healing. Their use conveys a holistic approach, and stays within my philosophy of using only nature’s gifts to heal our body, albeit in a more concentrated form. They are so to say wellbeing enhancers, that can improve anything from sleep, to anxiety, to muscles aches, and more.

You could incorporate them into your regimen only for a period of time, or like me, continue using them for their many benefits. Turmeric, CBD and essential oils can be used long term. Supplements should only be used punctually to boost the organism when it is in need of a top up, as all of the necessary vitamins and minerals can be received from proper nutrition, and a healthy gut microflora cultivated without continuous use of probiotics.

Vitamins and Supplements for Eczema

The reality of eczema is that it’s an awkward, nerve-racking and irritating condition that usually interrupts your sleep cycle. Discovering an eczema treatment that actually works is like a blessing. However, suffering from it makes it an all consuming condition where finding treatment is always on your mind. Below are a number of alternative therapies … Continue reading Vitamins and Supplements for Eczema